Toon Crime

F2P Online Browser Game

  • Create your character and become a gangster, superhero, or supervillain.

  • Level up your stats, commit crimes or acts of heroism, build an empire, fight other players online and various other activities in this quirky virtual world.

Adaptive Open World

Play on any device with a web browser. It'll automatically scale for the ultimate experience.

Inventory Management

Organise your equipment, use items, equip weapons & armor.

Online PVP

Play against other online players pushing the limits of your characters build.

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1   Gordo    1383930
2   topdog    642622
3   IIXNox    391566
4   HoboNoShow    186315
5   PBR100    135082
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  Gordo    1383930 365461 23 28 Visit
  topdog    642622 316930 5 24 Visit
  Bigchimp    0 500 5 1 Visit
  Bardstale    0 500 5 1 Visit