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Misc Updates #3
Happy new year! Third major MISC update for “quality of life” improvements is here! These updates are starting to get bigger and more in-depth with fixes and new additions to the game.

• Degrading weapon durability from fights
• Weapons break when durability reaches zero
• Repair weapon durability feature in inventory
• No fighting someone in jail unless you're also in jail
• Cant do crimes or heroism if dead with no health
• Cant bust players if dead with no health
• Global chat button count for unread messages
• Weapons provide power stat increases. Equipping weapons will increase power and unequipping will decrease stats accordingly.
• Hospital speed-up option requires less gold.
• Johnny Knox tutorial NPC has started rolling out and will assist all new players with getting familiar with the mechanics of the game.

It will be a continuous effort to fine-tune and optimize all aspects of the game. Feel free to send us any suggestions you may have for future updates!
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Posted on 07 Jan 2023 by admin

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