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New Character & Updates
We are excited to announce new updates to the character selection system along with redesigns inbound for all selectable characters. These redesigns are major improvements in terms of art direction for the game. Toon Crime is a game based on the dynamics between mob-inspired gangsters, superheroes & supervillains. The new art direction highly compliments the narrative, setting a new standard for future visual elements and marketing.

Each character finally has personality/style along with unique starting stat boosts that may provide an advantage. After creating an account you will need to log into the game to see the updated character selection screen. On this screen, you will now see a newly added character that we are pretty excited about. The Supervillain aims to cause chaos, striving for total supremacy.

All player profiles have also been updated accordingly.

Here is a list of characters that received updates...

• Vigilante
• Don
• Anarchist
• Supervillain (New character)

We are grateful for all of your support since the closed beta. We will continue to update the rest of the characters over the next few weeks, with the possibility of a couple more additions to the roster.
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Posted on 12 Jan 2023 by admin

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