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New booster items (Health, Respect, Energy, Power) have been implemented into the game. Each one serves a specific purpose and if utilized in a clever way can reap tremendous rewards. You can head over to the mall > boosters section to acquire one but be warned they aren't cheap. Each booster has a timer that lasts exactly 1 hour from the moment you use it. Head over to your inventory to see how much time is left on your current booster.

Health Booster: Regenerates your health rapidly which can be perfect for altercations.

Respect Booster: Increases the amount of respect you gain from your actions.

Energy Booster: Regenerates your energy rapidly every minute to maximize what you can accomplish.

Power Booster: Temporarily maxes out your power skill which can be perfect for altercations.

As we study how players use these we might make some small tweaks and there will be more boosters to come in the future.
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Posted on 29 Apr 2022 by admin

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