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The referral system has been updated giving bigger rewards to people who use it. When someone signs up to the game using your personal referral link found on the Rewards page, you'll receive $1200 and the person referred will start out with an extra $500.
Posted on 17 Apr 2022 by admin
A new update has rolled out with a redesign of our crimes system. It's less messy in an elegant way with better rewards and less drastic jail times.
Posted on 16 Apr 2022 by admin
Invest invest invest. Toon Crime now has 2 new playable entrepreneur characters who are all about business. A big part of the game is making the right moves and investing to acquire a larger income that can help you move up the leaderboards.
Posted on 11 Jan 2022 by admin
Toon Crime launched into open beta on Halloween October 30'th 2021. Since then we've reached almost 200+ players and have began building an active community. There's been various "quality of life" improvements, vigorous bug fixes and a handful of features implemented over the past few months. We're currently on the verge of finishing off the casino update with gambling mini games.
Posted on 08 Jan 2022 by admin
Attacking players from there profile has now been added to the game. The big red attack button should now be functional for everyone! Previously only players within a 6 level range of your current level were available in the fight arena. Now you can simply attack any player regardless of level outside of the fight arena but it comes with some risks.
Posted on 07 Jan 2022 by admin
Toon Crime's news system has received a complete overhaul mostly on the backend of things. That being said it'll appear cleaner to everyone with proper functionality. Previously we had issues with the layouts scaling/responsiveness to devices. Most backend changes we've made to the news system will have a long term effect for example at some point other staff members will be able to post updates, contests or announcements.
Posted on 07 Jan 2022 by admin

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